If we could look at ourselves and wonder like looking at the clouds.
Many drawings, many dreams.
Bloody drops.

Half of the world population, cis women and trans men, bleed monthly during most of their lives and yet periods are a taboo around the world. It affects how we live, interact and see ourselves and each other.

When my mother had her first period, she thought she was dying because no one had never told her anything about it. It was a funny story she told us, and I never forgot. When I had my first period, I heard “now you are a woman” and I had no idea what that meant. I was 13 or 14 years old.

I also learned that periods had to be hidden at any cost and that it would be the worst shame ever if even a small drop of my blood stained my jeans, for example. Would I have failed as a woman? “Becoming a woman” felt like a burden right away for me.

We are taught something natural that’s part of reproduction circle is shameful, we are taught our blood are dirty, we are taught our blood is shameful, thus we are disgusting.

In this scenario, “Endometrium” is an invitation to take our own narratives back. It is an challenge to see how powerful is to bleed, how beautiful and strong periods are, how beautiful and strong we are.

I share my blood drops with you offering the possibility to create, imagine and play without shame, guilt nor disgust. I invite you to imagine drawings in these pictures like when we look at the sky. Let’s all disrupt this taboo together!